Get out your sleeping bags, pack up the Sterno and stake your place in line at a theater near you tonight, because tomorrow a film will be opening that you don’t want to miss! And it's one that you cannot pronounce! We’re talking about Cthulhu, the newest horror-based Tori Spelling vehicle since Tori and Dean: Inn Love.

Judging from this riveting trailer, it’s the dark, mysterious tale of two gay guys who live "in a township of great charm" near a foggy beach where evil beings do their wicked deeds. If you require more explanation, here’s the best line in the trailer: “They came out of the sea!” (insert pause) “And killed lots of people!” Dig Tori's memorable turn as someone named Susan (are you listening, Oscar?), who says either "We're all going to die without you," or "We're not going to die without you." Hard to tell, really. Enjoy.