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Sean Combs

ebay.com, Bennett Raglin/WireImage

If you’ve ever had the desire to spend $1,000 on something P. Diddy has had in his mouth, now’s your chance. Sean Combs’ alleged toothbrush is currently up for bid on eBay starting at $999.00 (tube of Crest not included). It’s blue, and must work really well. Just look at his teeth! White as can be.

If you’re questioning the provenance of the item, question no more; the seller is “a housekeeper” at a Palm Springs hotel where Diddy supposedly did a photo shoot. “He asked to use the guest bathroom to take a shower, and when I went in there afterwards to clean it, I found that he had left his toothbrush. Yes, this really is his toothbrush! I can verify the time, date and place by comments entered in my Day Planner.” And Day Planners don’t lie, people. So bid quickly, before Diddy—whose breath must be horrible by now—comes looking for his toothbrush.