Even if you watched the season-four premiere of The Hills last night, there's a lot you didn't see.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt stopped by the Hollywood Party Girl show yesterday to give us some scoop on the upcoming season.

Let's start with Lauren's date with Doug Reinhardt. Not only did she also date him before in high school, but Heidi said L.C. liked him back when the frenemies were still roommates.

"He was her obsession," Heidi dished, while Spencer added it was "cold" that his sister, Stephanie, went out with Doug.

As for Heidi's sister, Holly, who appears this season...

Turns out, she actually used to live with both Lauren and Heidi in their old apartment—she just didn't appear on camera.

Heidi said she's OK with her sis and L.C. being friends, although she and Spencer both think it's crazy that while she befriends their siblings, Lauren still hates them.

As for Audrina, Heidi said she's still close with her and thinks she's "coming back around to her side."

If the tension in their house on last night's episode was any indication, we're inclined to believe her.

For the entire interview with Speidi, check out the Party Girl podcast later this week.

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