Blind Vice diva

Earlier this week, we ran a Twitter contest to see who could first guess last Friday's Blind Vice, which admittedly was pretty easy—the first part, at least.

Of course, it was all those spoiled divas over at Desperate Housewives who were preparing for their big season finale of a "floating dinner party." Remind us not to set our TiVos for that one, please.

As usual, some of the stars were being a bit recalcitrant about not getting their usual days off—due to the demanding schedule of this very brilliant final show, which begins filming later this month. But which normally very cool D.H. dame was surprisingly joining in on the bitchy chorus?

Super knowledgeable show insiders tell us it was Kathyrn Joosten, who plays cranky Mrs. McCluskey on the miraculously still-popular TV show!

"She was not pleased" about the filming schedule, D.H. vets tell us. Hmmm. We're sure Kathy, who likes to bitch at us for still smoking whenever she gets a damn chance, was just acting in character, and it wasn't anything serious. Or not?

And guess who was the first to figure this Vice out? A gal from Portland, Ore., named Elyse Teninga, whose Twitter handle is @Oh_Elly_Me and who describes herself as "the girl your parents warned you about."

Hot! Sounds like a babe who just might appreciate a signed copy of Chelea Handler's latest book, Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me, which is coming your way, Elyse—email us your address and it's all yours!

(And we'll just forget to mention that it took you 5 billion guesses, OhElly, but at least you're the only one who got it.)

Oh, naughty naughty! Our Blind Vice Superstars have stirred up some trouble!

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