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For a change, there was not-terrible news at the box office: The family comedy Hop led the weekend with a buoyant $38.1 million,  per estimates.

As for Jake Gyllenhaal's Source Code?

The thriller wasn't expected to revive Hollywood's dead year, and its modest second-place finish didn't.

Sure, Source Code did all right, debuting with $15.1 million off a $32 million budget, but this was not the weekend to get into budget talk, not when, as pointed out by Exhibitor Relations, third-place Insidious, a no-name horror flick, nearly made as much as the Gyllenhaal-toplined Source Code, but cost only $1 million to produce.

Hop was the real bright spot. The Easter Bunny-themed, live action-animated hybrid edged Rango to claim the year's biggest opening, such as it is. Overseas, the film made another $7 million, bringing the $63 million film's worldwide, three-day gross to $45.1 million.

Elsewhere, it looks like lights out Sucker Punch, which saw ticket sales drop nosedive nearly 70 percent from its inauspicious debut. After two weekends, the $82 million movie has grossed less than $30 million domestically.

Bradley Cooper's Limitless ($55.6 million overall) and Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Lawyer ($39.6 million overall) continued to hold well, while Matt Damon's The Adjustment Bureau ($58.6 million overall) and Catherine Hardwicke's Red Riding Hood ($35.6 million overall) dropped out of the Top 10.

Mars Needs Moms exited the Top 10, too. But with a $36.2 million worldwide gross off a $150 million budget, it has more pressing concerns.

The PG-13-rated version of The King's Speech friggin' bombed, averaging less than $1,200 from each of its 1,000-plus screens.  

Here's a complete rundown of the top-grossing films, per Friday-Sunday numbers as compiled by Exhibitor Relations.

  1. Hop, $38.1 million
  2. Source Code, $15.1 million
  3. Insidious, $13.5 million
  4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, $10.2 million
  5. Limitless, $9.4 million
  6. Lincoln Lawyer, $7.1 million
  7. Sucker Punch, $6.1 million
  8. Rango, $4.6 million
  9. Paul, $4.3 million
  10. Battle: Los Angeles, $3.5 million

(Originally published April 3, 2011, at 9:23 a.m. PT)

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