Heath Ledger, Mary-Kate Olsen

Jim Spellman/WireImage.com, Nick Harvey/WireImage.com

Federal prosecutors, of course, have dropped their investigations into the nature of Heath Ledger’s death, as well as attempts to subpoena Mary-Kate Olsen over her involvement. But I’m told by sources knowledgeable with the Ledger case, should new information become available, the official snooping into the Australian star’s untimely demise will indeed continue. Starting with Olsen—all over again. So that breathing easy I also hear M.-K.’s been pulling, ever since the DEA announced she wouldn’t be subpoenaed, isn’t something to bank on. “She’s somebody they still have their eyes on,” I’m told by insiders close to the drug investigation. Ya hear that, Ms. O? I’d keep my masseuse’s number on speed dial, if were I you. And not just for a quickie knead ‘n’ bump.

Oh, and by the by, what kind of friend close to a star who just famously died of a drug overdose would agree to cooperate only if she was granted immunity, anyway? Got something to hide, Mary-Kate? Sorry, this one ain’t over until the emaciated lady sings.

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