Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere

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These chick flicks may not have taken home any Oscars but the frumpy to fabulous transformations still amuse and inspire. So grab the popcorn (seems like it's either snowing or raining wherever you live!) and prepare to cheer as the girl gets the guy and a great new look!

Pretty Woman: Vivian Ward's first attempts at a Rodeo Drive shopping spree end in tears. Big mistake. Because she's soon got the salespeople of Beverly Hills scrambling to fill out her wardrobe.
Magic moment: Julia Roberts' character emerges dressed for the opera in an updo and stunning red gown. Cue the swelling music!

Never Been Kissed: Known as Josie Grossie in high school, Drew Barrymore's character gets a second chance when she goes back to school as a stylish senior to cover the school for her newspaper job.
Magic moment: The baseball field finale when the yummy Sam (a.k.a. Michael Vartan) shows up to plant a wet one on Josie.

Miss Congeniality: Fan favorite Sandra Bullock stars as a tomboyish FBI agent who goes undercover as a beauty pageant contestant to catch a crook—and get the mother of all makeovers in the process.
Magic moment: Gracie Hart's makeover montage—and even though her eyebrows are plucked she never loses her feisty attitude.

She's All That: Rachel Leigh Cook's modern day My Fair Lady transformation—she trades glasses and overalls for contacts and a smokin' red dress—is all part of a bet between two classmates.
Magic moment: It's a toss-up between Laney Bogg's reveal to the sounds of "Kiss Me" and the synchronized dance scene at prom.

In Her Shoes: Sisterhood and stilettos, it's a winning combination. Cameron Diaz stars as the party girl who finds substance while onscreen sis' Toni Collette embraces her inner and outer beauty.
Magic moment: Maggie's ode to footwear: "Shoes like these should not be locked in a closet. They should be living a life of scandal and passion…"

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