Danny Bonaduce, Amy Railsback

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Who knew there was not one, but actually two Partridge Family-related stories last month?

Much like he did back in the '70s, David Cassidy again managed to overshadow Danny Bonaduce and, as a result, the latter's marriage just before Thanksgiving sort of slipped under the radar.

Sure enough, the 51-year-old former child star made his fiancée-manager Amy Railsback wife No. 3 back on Nov. 22, when he arranged for a surprise wedding during the couple's vacation at the Four Seasons in Maui. (He just posted pics of the festivities on his website.)

Railsback, who is 23 years younger than Bonaduce, reportedly met her now-hubby at an L.A. Starbucks back in 2007 and expressed to him how much she liked his reality series Breaking Bonaduce.

The two began dating and Railsback moved to Philadelphia to be with Bonaduce after he landed a gig hosting a radio program there. He proposed in March of 2009. 

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