Shrek Forever After, Russell Crowe, Robin Hood, Will Forte, MacGruber, Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man 2

DreamWorks; David Appleby/Universal Studios; Greg Peters/Rogue Pictures; Francois Duhamel/Paramount Pictures/Marvel

Summer's getting closer and the competition is seriously heating up. This weekend, two newcomers will be going up against the previous week's box-office heavyweights.

Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood have already taken a big chunk of moviegoers' change, but they're still showing signs of life as the weekend approaches.

What does that mean for the week's new releases? The final Shrek installment and the SNL skit turned movie MacGruber both open Friday, and both have the potential to knock a superhero and an archer off the top spots.

So what's it gonna be? Let us know!

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What's gonna get you in theaters this weekend?
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