Juan-Carlos Cruz


The thing about remaining in police custody is, it can really wreak havoc on your diet.

Oh, and in Juan-Carlos Cruz's case, it also means you've been accused of trying to pay two homeless guys to murder your wife. But for now let's focus on the former, shall we?

The Los Angeles Police Department is hitting the former Food Network chef where it really hurts—in the waistline—by forcing the man who made a name for himself as the Calorie Commando to get his three squares a day from the Los Angeles Men's Central Jail canteen.

A fate worse than for-hire death! Except not.

Anyway, the normally fresh and healthy Cruz is currently being forced to make do with (gasp) fried chicken and (get this) white rice. What, the LAPD's never heard of whole grains?

Man, those conditions really are brutal!

As, lest we forget, are Cruz's alleged crimes. He's currently dining on court cuisine in lieu of posting $2 million bail for his double felony charge. He's due back in court June 23.

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