Alicia Keys, Kelly Preston, Gwen Stefani

Jakubaszek/Getty Images; Prime Optimus / Meet The Famous; Fame Pictures

UPDATE: It's official—Kelly's pregnant, according to her rep. And then there were two...


Next to spying red carpet nipple slips, baby-bump watching is our favorite celeb-spotting game.

This week's contenders include Kelly Preston, who's admitted to "expecting" a child (but at 47 is the actress actually preggers herself or finding an alternative method to add to her family?); Alicia Keys, who's rumored to be knocked up simply based on some slightly paunchy pics; and mommy of two Gwen Stefani, who's also been wearing baggier clothes as of late. 

(We're not even counting the elusive Isla Fisher, who may as well have a Baby on Board sign slapped on her beautiful belly.)

So place your bets on who's delivering and pass the popcorn—we'll be waiting and watching, ready to cheer for Hollywood's next hottest mom.

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Will these ladies be joining our Baby Bumpin' gallery?

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