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Step aside, Denny Duquette. This Thursday's season finale just might rival the most talked-about episode of Grey's Anatomy of all time. (You know, the one where heart patient Denny died in Izzie's arms and left us all SOBBING. Ring any bells?)

Why? It serves up some of the best shockers we've seen on television all season long.

I've seen the episode (shhhh!), and here's the jaw-dropping scoop you need to know:

All of the following shockers will happen on this Thursday's Grey's Anatomy season finale:

Someone is pr*g***t.

Someone will g** **o*.

Someone will d**.

Someone will b**a* u*.

You will **y. (And so will Bailey. And you know THAT means serious business.)

Make sure you watch this Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC. In the meantime, got guesses on the teasers above? Looking forward to it or scared poopless? You should be a little of both...

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