Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne seems to have gotten a bit confused. Let us explain:

"Face the music," in his case, meant "go to jail." It did not mean "sneak some contraband headphones and an MP3 player behind bars and hide them in another inmate's cell."

Ah, well. He was close.

Unfortunately, close is just not good enough for the disciplinary body at Rikers Island, where the rapper began serving out a yearlong sentence for weapons charges in March.

Jail officers found the harmless yet still rule-breaking items on Monday. While the charger and headphones were found in the 27-year-old's cell, the headphones turned up in the cell of a fellow inmate. (This guy just cannot stay away from technology.)

Such items actually are allowed in the jail, but only when purchased from the jail commissary, where, one guesses, all items are given a thorough once-over for safety reasons.

Regardless, both Lil Wayne and his implicated jailmate were slapped with infractions (but not actual crimes) and will be punished through the jail disciplinary process, not a court of law.

Which almost sounds more foreboding.

Luckily, the usual punishment for such music-loving, rules of conduct-eschewing behavior is temporary solitary confinement. As if his street cred needed another boost.

Pending good behavior, the rapper could be released back into the iPod-allowing wild as early as November.

—Additional reporting by Whitney English

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