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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hate each other.

Just kidding, but that's the consensus of many Nonsten's this morning after Page Six ran an item about Rob and Kristen's on-set scuffle during those tense few days of Eclipse reshoots.

So is there trouble in paradise, or are Robsten just enjoying paradise as we speak, celebrating Rob's birthday (happy 24th, R.Pattz!) together on vacay, as Lainey is reporting?

First things first, we hear the supposed dustup on set wasn't exactly a lovers quarrel.

Kristen's "not the jealous type," as one of our Twilight insiders reinforces, and didn't snap at Pattinson because he was getting his party on at a burlesque bar in London the night before arriving in Vancouver.

Things were very stressful, however, as we reported a few weeks ago, due to the major deadline to get Eclipse reshoots finished in a very short amount of time. Time that Rob may have inadvertently made even shorter.

"Everyone snapped at everyone," adds our spy who was up in Vancouver.

As for Summit's response to the supposed verbal throwdown, it has no comment. Shocker. But the studio will tell us this:

"Rob was not late on set. He arrived later because had a different call time than other castmembers. There was no row or ill feeling at all. Everything went very well."

Well should be used loosely there, but in the end, yes, everything got done that needed to get done up in VBC.

So there ya go, no need to be concerned about the past—Rob and Kristen certainly aren't, considering they are celebrating his big 2-4 together.

Remember, K.Stew hopped a flight to Budapest after her 20th birthday to visit Rob on the set of Bel Ami, but it wasn't all playtime for the couple since R.Pattz was in work mode.

Right now is the calm before the storm, so Robsten are taking a breather before Eclipse and Breaking Dawn mania starts, with a film for each in between.

"[Summit] is going to work the hell out of them," one of our sources tells us about Rob and Kristen's upcoming duties to the Twilight franchise.

Hey, at least they have some cushy salaries to fall back on for Twilight 5 (which we're told is still what will probably happen). Unfortunately that's more than our other faves Kellan Lutz or Ashley Greene can say right now, but more on that later.

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