Chely Wright

Ron Wolfson/

Yesterday, news broke that country singer Chely Wright is gay, and we're a tad torn. Don't get us wrong, it's totally fab for anyone to make to bravely come out. Not easy. But the whole baited mystery over the last few weeks has been such a dog-and-pony show just to get gossipy chatter going.

Although Chely's very public choice could be a helpful step in dragging Toothy Tile and the gang out, too?

What do you all think? Did any of you feel baited and pandered to with the whole guessing game? At least we don't promise (always) to reveal our same-sex Blind Vices—that's up to the gay or bisexual star, not us. Just saying, in some ways Wright's method could ultimately be more damaging and hurtful than a simple statement.

The Game Is Over Poll
What did you all think of how Chely's coming out was handled?
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