It's no mean feat pulling off a live extravaganza on the level of So You Think You Can Dance, as this week's edition made so painfully clear.

The intricate coordination of multiple acts, the complex staging and the hurdle of doing it all before a live studio audience; sometimes it just doesn't go as planned.

Of course, SYTYCD has nothing on what it takes to mount The Soup.

One camera in a studio the size of a Fashion Bug dressing room, an audience comprised of upwards of 14 E! employees on break, and a man in a bikini top balancing a frothy can of  Steven Seagal's Asian Experience Lightning Bolt Energy Drink.

Yet somehow, the magic keeps on flowing.

Catch even more tonight on your new Soup at 10 p.m. ET/PT.


Even more magic awaits you in the Soup blog video gallery.

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