Recognize the Reveler

This 17-year-old starlet put her hands up and showed off a seemingly new tattoo under her boob while sunbathing in South Beach (along with some padding sticking out of her bikini top).

She's in Miami for some poolside R&R at the Fontainebleu Hotel after recently wrapping up a tour.

As for the ink in question, it says "Just breathe," and we aren't sure if it's permanent or if it's gonna wash off in the pool.

Think you know who's got a tattoo under her padded pink bikini? Find out after the jump...

Miley Cyrus

It's Miley Cyrus, obvs!

She just celebrated her 17th birthday last week, so maybe this was a present to herself? She would need parental consent, but we doubt she'd have trouble getting that from dad Billy Ray Cyrus, who has at least one tat himself.

Girlfriend sure does know how to push to proverbial envelope and cause controversy. So maybe she's just being Miley...but do you think the tattoo is too much?


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