Tiger Woods, Gloria Allred, Rachel Uchitel

AP Photo/David Zentz; Jason Kempin/Getty Images

So what exactly is up behind the abrupt cancellation of Rachel Uchitel's press conference?

After all, her media-savvy attorney, Gloria Allred, called journalists en masse last night saying she was going to discuss the "relationship" between Uchitel and Tiger Woods, only to call them off this morning.

When contacted by E! News and asked whether Team Tiger had something to do with her pulling the plug, Allred was—for once—not talking.

"I have no comment on Tiger Woods or my client," she said.

For her part Uchitel, 34, has previously—and vehemently—denied any sort of affair with the 33-year-old married golfer.

But we want to know what you think.

Tiger Tattle
Do you think Rachel Uchitel really decided to say "never mind" or is there more to the story?


Does this whole Tiger Woods thing make you crave more Gory Gosselin Gossip?

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