Fergie, Josh Duhamel

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You know Fergie and Josh Duhamel couldn't be happier about this whole Tiger Woods debacle. It's definitely taking the media speculation off of Josh's possible infidelity. That's always one thing you can count on in this unpredictable town—that another scandal is only moments away from breaking.

Anyways, we want to go back to this Josh stuff, because what's going on with Tiger is too friggin' obvious. The missus only brings out golf clubs, off the course, when trouble's a brewin', right?

Last time we checked in with our source close to Josh and Fergie, we were told that even prior to Strippergate the pair doesn't seem to spend very much time together.

Well, after a couple "we're fine" photo ops, it doesn't look like much has changed...

After a weekend visiting his family in North Dakota, a solo Duhamel flew first class from nearby Minneapolis to New York City early Sunday afternoon.

"He was waiting to be the last person to board the plane, talking on his cell phone and drinking a Venti Starbucks Frappuccino," an eyewitness tells E! News."He looked good, but his mood seemed down."

Dressed casually in jeans, a backward hat and carrying a silver carry-on suitcase, Duhamel was "quiet" during his travels and "definitely alone" in his first class seat.

"He seemed sad," the eyewitness tells E! "But he was friendly to all the flight staff, saying hello and asking them how they were."

Amidst rumors of marital strife, we haven't heard whether Fergie ever made it to her hubby's hometown for the Thanksgiving holiday.

In fact, it seems as if the last time the husband and wife spent some brief time together was back in Los Angeles the other week, where Fergie was in town to perform at the American Music Awards and Josh was doing some press for his rom-com When in Rome.

Despite the fact J & F were apparently together in their L.A. home over AMA weekend, the two didn't make that much of an effort to squeeze in much hanging time.

Josh worked incredibly long days Friday and Saturday on set, where Ferg didn't come visit. Maybe it's not that unusual though, since the two are used to always being apart.

We're told that while Duhamel was doing press for his flick, he seemed in a very "low-key" mood, then, as well. The notorious life on set was "very friendly" to crew members, but really kept to himself a lot.

What do you think—is Josh stressed about the false accusations, or is his marriage really thisclose to ending?


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