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"I can't stand you!"

Cory and Murray have a heated argument on this Sunday's What Happens at The Abbey. After seeing Murray flirting with another man at a party, Cory is pissed. So when they see each other at work, it's not a pleasant encounter.

"Just get away from me," Cory tells Murray in the clip above.

"You're disgusting," Murray replies and walks away.

Cory then tells Murray, "You're f--king disgusting, chicken leg bitch!"

So while Cory saw Murray flirting with someone else, has Murray ever taken it to the next level and cheated on Cory?

What Happens at The Abbey

"I've never cheated on Cory," Murray says. "Have I hooked up with people while we're on breaks or not talking? Yes, but it's definitely not the same thing."

Watch the video above to see the explosive argument between the couple!