Brie Bella didn't have an easy time getting pregnant.

While Brie and her husband Daniel Bryan are about to welcome their first child Birdie Joe Danielson very soon, the couple actually struggled to conceive for a long time. And on Wednesday's Total Divas, Brie opens up about trying to get pregnant.

On the episode, Brie visits a holistic doctor with Nikki Bella to try to understand why she hasn't been able to conceive yet.

"Since I retired from the ring, which was in April, I've been trying to conceive," Brie explains. "My period's always been on time, never had anything abnormal. Since I've been trying my period's either two weeks late, it's a week late, it's three days late, five days late, it's crazy."

Brie then wonders, "I don't know if it's something where I am conceiving but maybe there's something going on with my body and it's just not dropping it?"

She explains that she went "full on vegetarian" and the doctor encourages her to increase her iron to see if that helps.

Take a look at the Total Divas clip above to see Brie talk about her struggle to get pregnant before conceiving Birdie!

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