Eva Marie's Latest Pics


During season 2 of Total Divas, Eva Marie was faced with a health scare that threatened to prevent her from ever having children with husband Jonathan Coyle. When asked about her current health situation, the bombshell shared some intimate details.

"I constantly go back and get checked up on, plus kids aren't anything that I'm talking about," she said. "But eventually I'm gonna have to cross that bridge when I get to it because as of right now, we can't have any. But I don't really believe that 'cause anything is possible, but it is definitely scary for me 'cause every month I kind of have to deal with it and we're so busy that it's hard to keep up with doctors."

The WWE Diva has been super focused on her wrestling career and moving her way up to the main roster along with all of the other Divas.

"I'm getting more matches right now and I'm the #1 contender so that's gonna be awesome," Eva Marie explained. "In season 3 you're gonna see my progression because I'm so brand new in the WWE and everything is raw, like my growth in the ring is live on television in front of millions of viewers."

As for her relationship with former tag team partner Summer Rae?

"I definitely keep things very professional," Eva Marie pointed out. "But I won't be tagging with her for a good while."

Speaking of drama, the redheaded Diva is also cautious about Rosa Mendes, who is joining the ladies of Total Divas for season 3.

"I don't really know Rosa at all just because I'm so new to the company," Eva Marie said. "But from everything that I've heard, I think that there is going to be a little bit of drama because she's been in the company for 9 years and all the girls know her. She's been around for a while and the girls already feel a certain way and they're definitely not as inviting anymore since she has been in the company as long as they have so there's no real leniency there."

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