Nattie, Summer Rae, Brie Bella, Total Divas

Courtesy of E!; WWE, Instagram

On the new season of Total Divas, there's a new feud between veteran Diva Nattie and newcomer Summer Rae.

Brie Bella is no stranger to the drama and understands the rules of the game.

"In our business at WWE, there's only one spot for a diva," Brie says. "And when someone comes in that might be like you, you know that your spot is now not secure."

Despite the fact that she and Nattie have been friends for a long time, Brie tries to stay out of the feuding.

"Nattie is one of my really close friends, but I'm one who judges everyone based on their actions," Brie explains. "You will see in season two some of Summer's actions, and I know for a fact that everyone's opinion of her will be exactly like mine."

Sounds like Nattie isn't the only one who doesn't think too highly of Summer Rae…

- Reporting by Jeffrey Wisenbaugh

Watch the season two premiere of Total Divas this Sunday at 9/8c only on E!

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