FALL 2016
  1. Total Divas 512, Paige

    Paige Ditches Rosa Mendes' Baby Shower With a ''Ridiculous'' Excuse in This Tense Total Divas Clip

  2. Total Divas 512, Nikki Bella

    Daniel Bryan Challenges Nikki Bella to Run in the Woods Wearing High Heel ''Camping'' Boots: ''That Was a Waddle!''

  3. Total Divas, Wrestlemania

    Brie Bella Wins for the Divas With Daniel Bryan's Move, The Rock Teams Up With John Cena and More WrestleMania Highlights

  4. Total Divas 511

    The Bella Twins Pitch an Idea for a Lingerie Line, Nattie Neidhart Takes a Family Vacation and More Must-See Total Divas Moments

  5. Total Divas, Instagram

    A Total Divas Showdown, The Rock's Return and More Moments to Get Excited for at WrestleMania 2016

  6. Total Divas 511, Nattie Neidhart

    Find Out Why Nattie Neidhart Is ''Worried'' About Mandy Joining Her Family Vacation in This Total Divas Sneak Peek

  7. Total Divas 511, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella

    Does Brie Bella Have a Secret Talent for Lingerie Design? Nikki Bella Definitely Doesn't Think So

  8. Eva Marie, Instagram

    Total Divas Star Eva Marie Reveals She's ''Ecstatic'' for WrestleMania, Spills Diet & Workout Secrets: Get the Scoop!

  9. ESC, Beauty Beat, Eva Marie

    Eva Marie Talks Returning to WWE After Surgery, Dishes on Dealing With Haters & Previews Major Total Divas Drama!

  10. Total Divas 510

    Daniel Bryan Criticizes Brie Bella for Drinking on Vacation, Eva Marie Refuses to Go Blonde and More OMG Total Divas Moments

  11. Eva Marie, Total Divas 510

    Will Eva Marie Form a Tag Team With Mandy? Watch the Total Divas Clip to Find Out!

  12. Paige, Total Divas 510

    Paige Promises to Help WWE Fan Dustin Come Out to His Family in This Touching Total Divas Clip

  13. Nikki Bella, Total Divas 509

    Nikki Bella Clashes With John Cena, Rosa Mendes Is Pissed at Bobby for Going to Vegas and More: 9 OMG Total Divas Moments

  14. Rosa Mendes, Total Divas 509

    Rosa Mendes Freaks Out After Bobby Posts a Shirtless Instagram Photo at a Las Vegas Pool Party: Watch the Total Divas Clip!

  15. Nikki Bella, Total Divas 509

    Nikki Bella Is Shocked After Rehab Coach Limits Her Wine Drinking to Two Days a Week: ''Can I Do Three Glasses in One Night?''

  16. ESC, Beauty Beat, Eva Marie

    The Beauty Beat: Total Divas' Eva Marie Really Likes the Color Red

  17. Rosa Mendes, Total Divas, Instagram, Bobby, Jordan

    Rosa Mendes Is Feeling ''Great'' After Giving Birth to Baby, Talks Being a New Mom & Reveals How Her Life Has Changed: ''I Love It''

  18. Total Divas, Total Divas 508, Paige, Kevin, Nikki Bella, Rosa Mendes

    Paige & Kevin Break Up, Brie Bella Lies to Nikki & More: 7 Shocking Total Divas Moments!

  19. Rosa Mendes, Total Divas, Instagram, Jordan

    New Mom Rosa Mendes ''Can't Wait'' to Return to WWE After Giving Birth, Says She's Losing Baby Weight ''Really Quickly''—Details

  20. Paige, Total Divas 508

    Paige Admits She's ''Scared''' to Tell Her Mom About Her Relationship Problems With Kevin: Watch the Total Divas Clip!

  21. Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Instagram

    Nikki Bella Is ''So Pissed'' When She Finds Out Brie Lied to Her on Total Divas: Watch!

  22. Total Divas, Nikki Bella

    Nikki Bella Breaks Down Crying in New Total Divas Teaser: ''I May Not Ever Be Able to Get in the Ring Again''

  23. Total Divas 507

    Brie Bella Takes Daniel Bryan on a ''Fancy'' Date, Nikki Bella Loses the Championship and 10 More Must-See Total Divas Moments

  24. Nikki Bella, Total Divas 507

    Nikki Bella Encourages Nattie Neidhart to Change Her Last Name: ''I Would Love to Call John My Husband and Love to Be Mrs. Cena!''

  25. Nikki Bella, Total Divas 507

    Nikki Bella Coaches Brie Bella on How to Be Romantic With Daniel Bryan: ''It's Going to Be a Night That They'll Always Remember''

Total Divas, Total Intensity
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Nikki Bella, Instagram
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    • Sorry, this show isn't on today. Check out another day for additional airings!
    • 8:00 AM


      In the mid-season finale, Nattie's dream wedding does not turn out as planned; Nikki is asked to...

    • 9:00 AM


      Nikki is threatened by Eva Marie's rising popularity while Ariane struggles to control her anger...

    • 10:00 AM


      Nikki moves in with John Cena but is shocked when he makes an unexpected demand. Meanwhile, when...

    • Sorry, this show isn't on today. Check out another day for additional airings!
    • Sorry, this show isn't on today. Check out another day for additional airings!
    • 1:00 AM

      Rocky Road to Recovery 509

      Nikki commits the cardinal sin of mixing business with pleasure when she enlists John to be her...

    • 2:00 AM

      No Retreat 510

      Paige gets cold feet after agreeing to help a fan come out to his family, Brie is torn between...

    • 11:00 AM

      Love Triangle 501

      Nikki is torn over telling John Cena about her ex-boyfriend's advances, Paige feels the pressure...

    • 12:00 PM

      A SummerSlam Engagement 502

      Nattie's worst fears come true when she is left out of SummerSlam, Alicia feels disrespected by...

    • 1:00 PM

      The Truth About Cats and Divas 503

      The Divas Division is shaken up when Eva Marie makes her long-awaited return and a new Diva is...

    • 2:00 PM

      Talk of The Town 504

      Nikki is inspired by Maria Shriver and sets out to be a motivational speaker, but Brie ridicules...