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    12 Things You Probably Didn't Know About the WWE Divas Nikki and Brie Bella

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    WWE Divas Ariane & Eva Marie Get Glam for the Oscars, Nikki Bella Gets Photobombed—See the Latest Total Divas Pics!

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    Eva Marie Plans a Las Vegas Surprise for Her Father—See the Touching Total Divas Deleted Scene!

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    WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Calls Out Diva Nikki Bella—See the Total Divas Deleted Scene!

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    WWE Diva Nattie Neidhart Reunites With Her Estranged Husband To Save Her Parents Home—See the Dramatic Total Divas Recap!

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    WWE Diva Nattie Discovers Her Parents' Home Is Destroyed by Flood—See the Heartbreaking Total Divas Clip!

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    Is Alicia Fox Still Hung Up on Bad News Barrett?—See the Revealing Total Divas Deleted Scene!

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    John Cena Surprises Girlfriend Nikki Bella With Designer Bag Worth Thousands—See the Total Divas Clip!

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    WWE Diva Paige Learns the Secret to Unlocking "Brie Mode"—See the Hilarious Total Divas Deleted Scene!

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    11 Signs You're Addicted to Shopping

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    WWE Diva Nattie Fights to Save Her Dad's Life From Addiction—See the Emotional Total Divas Recap!

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    Total Divas' Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes Get Into Screaming Match—See the Tense Sneak Peek!

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    Total Divas' Brie Bella Drinks Worm During Epic Night Out in Europe With WWE Diva Paige—See the Crazy Clip!

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    Which One of the WWE Total Divas Should Be Your Valentine? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

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    The WWE Total Divas Valentine's Day Cards Are Here—Print, Tweet Them to a Friend and Share!

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    WWE Diva Nattie Unveils Cute Surprise for Jon Uso and Trinity—See the Total Divas Deleted Scene!

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    Hot Valentine's Day Looks Inspired by the WWE Total Divas—Which Look Will You Pull Off?

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    WWE Diva Nikki Bella Interferes With Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's Sex Life—See the Full Total Divas Recap!

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    WWE Diva Alicia Fox Calls Ariane a "Bootleg Nicki Minaj"—See the Heated Total Divas Clip!

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    WWE Diva Brie Bella Dishes on Birth Control: Reveals She "Does It the Old Fashioned Way"—Find Out What She Means!

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    13 Signs You're the Rebel of Your Friend Group

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    7 Reasons You Should Never Date Someone You Work With

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    WWE Diva Nattie Calls a Pet Psychic for Brie Bella's Traumatized Pooch—See the Ridiculous Total Divas Deleted Scene!

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    7 Signs You Are Way Too Competitive

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