1. knee thumb

    Faith Healer “Heals” Woman With Knee Problems Then Immediately Reinjures Her

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    Skateboard Bandit Tries To Skateboard Away From Cops

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    The Fine Line Between Hero And Guy Everyone Makes Fun Of Forever

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    Garth Brooks Joins Facebook With a Heartfelt And Incredibly Weird Video

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    This Cockatoo Is Having The Time Of Her Life, Maybe

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    Just Like the Real LA!

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    Spoiler Alert: You're About to Watch a Ferret Fall Off A Table And It's Going To Be Great

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    Throwback Thursday: Enter the Shockmaster

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    This Woman Just Really Wants To Share Her Love Of Vaping

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    This Ram Ramming a Punching Bag Illustrates the Futility of Life

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    Like a Twilight Zone Episode But With A Pigeon

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    Kim Kardashian Poops Coffee

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    Here Are The Cold, Hard, And Pointy Facts On Climate Change

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    The Snowflake Regatta Catastrophe of November 2014

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    Here's One Way To Introduce Mike Huckabee

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    Monster Energy Is The Anti Christ

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    The Force Awakens A Bird Who Sounds Exactly Like R2D2

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    Here's A Toddler With A Firm Grasp The English Language

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    Throwback Thursday: Corey Feldman and Corey Haim’s 1-900 Chat Line

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    A Peacock So Majestic It Needed A Damn Theme Song

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    This Is the Greatest Duckie-Related Machine Ever Invented

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    This Guy Is Totally Used To Having Crustaceans In His House

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    BREAKING NEWS - We Found The Most Awkward Handshake Ever

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    Stop The Riot! I Need A Ride.

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    Is Baseball Too Corporate, Or Not Too Corporate Enough?