1. ClipOfTheYear

    Clip of the Year - A Look Back

  2. Jordan Parke, Kim Kardashian

    How To Get This Guy's Stupid Kim Kardashian Surgery On The Cheap

  3. rick perry

    Rick Perry Participating in the Lighting of a Hanukkah Menorah Is As Awkward As You Would Expect

  4. pd

    Throwback Thursday: Phil Davison Has a Master's Degree in COMMUNICATIONS!!!

  5. Ariana Grande Face Meme, Nicki Minaj

    2014: The Year We Didn't Care About Anything Except Butts

  6. sword man

    Shirtless Guy With Sword And No Dancing Experience Dances On Live TV

  7. Megatron

    Megatron Lets Us Know What's On His Mind

  8. lisa

    Lisa Crashes Her Punk-Ass Moped

  9. Hardcore

    Angry Dutch Hardcore Dancing Is Hilarious

  10. AwkwardKiss

    You May Now Kiss The Bride...FOR AN HOUR

  11. man thumb

    Life Is Hell, and You Just Have to Accept That… Like This Woman

  12. mcdlt

    Throwback Thursday: Jason Alexander Kept It Hot And Cool

  13. Nicholas Cage

    Our Reaction to The Soup Moving to Friday, in GIFs

  14. ScottHoy

    Please Stop Doing Whatever This Lawyer Is Talking About

  15. elevator thumb

    The Worst Thing That Could Happen To You In An Elevator

  16. oprah

    Guess What's On Oprah's List Of Favorite Things

  17. lauren sivan

    Good Day LA's Lauren Sivan Wins Our Roughest Soup Award

  18. Daniel Radcliffe

    Harry Potter Lives On And So Must His Education

  19. karate thumb

    Intense Karate Boy Is Intense

  20. MMAGuy

    MMA Guy Fails Move But Nails Fail

  21. pope2

    Whatever You Do, Do Not Kiss The Hand Of This Priest

  22. santa thumb

    For Some Reason A Mall Santa Rappels From the Second Floor and Ruins Christmas

  23. ClipoftheYear

    It's Clip of the Year Time

  24. AmazingBulk

    Behold The Perfect Action Sequence

  25. knee thumb

    Faith Healer “Heals” Woman With Knee Problems Then Immediately Reinjures Her

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