1. Elizabeth Hurley, Instagram

    All Hail the Queen! Elizabeth Hurley Tempts a Nip Slip in Super Sexy Braless Photo From The Royals Set

  2. Max Brown, Elizabeth Hurley

    The Royals Stars Elizabeth Hurley and Max Brown Celebrate Start of Season 4 Production With Message to Fans: Watch!

  3. The Royals

    The Royals Season Finale Recap: King Robert Just Proved He's a Complete and Total Monster

  4. The Royals

    Prince Liam Says ''F--k You'' to Robert in Explosive Clip From The Royals: ''You're a Liar and a Coward!''

  5. William Moseley, Elizabeth Hurley, Alexandra Park

    The Royals Renewed for Season 4 on E!: Get the Scoop

  6. The Royals

    Jasper Confesses His Love for Princess Eleanor in This Adorable Scene From The Royals Season Finale

  7. The Royals 309

    The Royals Recap: Bow Down to King Robert!

  8. The Royals 309

    Jasper Gets Arrested for Leaking Confidential Documents on The Royals!

  9. The Royals 309

    Uh Oh! Princess Eleanor Confronts Jasper About Their Breakup on The Royals: ''I'm So Done With This S--t''

  10. The Royals 309, Prince Liam

    Prince Liam Clashes With Robert After He Asks for a Shady ''Favor'' to Win the Crown in Sneak Peek From The Royals

  11. The Royals 308

    Queen Helena Gets Caught in Prince Robert's ''Treacherous'' Manipulation of Liam on The Royals: Recap the Episode!

  12. The Royals, The Royals 308

    Awkward! Watch Queen Helena's Secret Lover Confront Her Over Her New Man on The Royals

  13. The Royals, The Royals 308

    ''I'm Calling the Police!'' Find Out Why Jasper Is Breaking Into a Reporter's House in This Scandalous The Royals Scene

  14. The Royals, The Royals 308

    Look Away, Jasper! Princess Eleanor Strips Down for a Naked Run With a New Man on The Royals

  15. The Royals 307

    The Royals Recap: Prince Liam Gets Revenge on Robert in Intense Boxing Match, But He Still Loses the Girl

  16. Alexandra Park, The Royals, The Royals 307

    ''See Yourself Out!'' Watch Princess Eleanor Totally Shut Down an Intrusive Reporter in This Scene From The Royals

  17. William Moseley, Jake Maskall, The Royals, The Royals 307

    Sibling Rivalry! King Cyrus Suggests Prince Liam ''Break'' Prince Robert's ''Face'' in Boxing Battle on The Royals: Watch

  18. The Royals 306

    The Royals Recap: Jasper Calls It Quits With Princess Eleanor…on Christmas!

  19. The Royals 306

    Jasper's Shady Past Is Almost Exposed in Sneak Peek From The Royals

  20. The Royals 306

    Queen Helena Freaks Out After Liam Dismisses the Staff on The Royals: ''We Have Absolutely No Idea How to Fend for Ourselves!''

  21. The Royals 306

    Prince Liam Confronts Robert for His ''Problem'' With Jasper on The Royals: ''Just Come Out and Say It''

  22. The Royals 305

    The Royals Recap: Princess Eleanor Gets Caught Between Jasper and Beck While Liam Struggles With His Brother's Return

  23. The Royals 305, Princess Eleanor

    Three's a Crowd! Jasper Catches Princess Eleanor's Ex Beck Leaving Her Bedroom in The Royals Sneak Peek

  24. The Royals 305, Prince Liam, Prince Robert

    Prince Liam's Frustration With His Brother and Kathryn Builds in This Tense Clip From The Royals

  25. The Royals, Robert, Liam, Kathryn

    The Royals Recap: Prince Robert's Dramatic Homecoming Includes an Awkward Reunion With Liam and Kathryn

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