If you thought Marki Costello was the real Drama Queen, wait until you see Sloane get her hair cut!

With the successful open call last week, it was time for Marki and her staff to get the new junior clients ready for Hollywood. That means two things: Makeovers and photo shoots!

Kirby was the first to get her new look, even though it was planned. Marki demanded a photo shoot for Kirby to get some modeling shots and headshots to get her started, and Jacobi was put in charge.

But CMEG's style consultant got a little carried away and gave Kirby some bronzer in an attempt to make her look a little more "California girl." Jacobi loved it, but Marki flipped out when she saw the photos! Guess Kirby will be going tan-free from now on.

Sloane was the other project for the day, as Marki set out making her look more natural and young-looking. You could tell that Marki was taking a serious interest in protecting Sloane: "She's one month away from becoming a stripper or a call girl to pay her rent," she said.

So, the makeover began. No more extensions, no more fake nails, no more dark eye makeup for Sloane. She was fine with everything until Marki insisted on a short pixie haircut for her, which put Sloane in tears.

We thought she looked great in the end! What did you think of the new look?

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