"Woah, Adam! There is a lot going on here!"

Cosmopolitan's Fashion Editor Adam takes on his first major photo shoot on Wednesday's So Cosmo! On the episode, Beauty Director Leah arrives at the "Tips and Sips" nail art shoot to supervise and see how everything is going. That's when she realizes she doesn't agree with Adam's styling choices.

"A good, experienced stylist will look at what we're trying to accomplish in the day, in this case nail art, and choose pieces that are going to compliment that," Leah explains in the clip above.

So Cosmo


Leah continues, "This is a beauty shoot, it's not a fashion shoot. I just think Adam made the wrong decision here."

So what happens when Leah suggests a different look for the shoot?

Watch the So Cosmo clip above to see how Adam reacts!

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