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    #RichKids of Beverly Hills Drink, Party and Fight While Celebrating Morgan and Brendan's Anniversary in Cabo

    #RichKids 103 Recap

    It's safe to say this wasn't your average anniversary celebration.

    On Sunday's brand new #RichKids of Beverly Hills, Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick are so excited to commemorate their one-year anniversary.

    There's so thrilled that they're more than willing to invite (and pay for) all their friends to enjoy a few days away in paradise.

    "Cabo is a city that you want to be with friends," Morgan says. "They will add to the experience." Oh boy, did they add something all right.

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    #RichKids 103 Recap

    But before the Chanel bags are packed and the chaos begins, Morgan has some business to take care of.

    She has to persuade her "poor friend" Roxy Sowlaty to join the fun, even if her parents just cut her off financially.

    Roxy must also promise to avoid any drama with Dorothy Wang. Oh, didn't you hear? Roxy called her a "cheap billionaire" last trip. #RUDE

    #RichKids 103 Recap

    The entire gang finally gets together and begins the celebration as they board a private jet—G450 to be exact—with plenty of booze. All supplied by Brendan.

    #RichKids 103 Recap

    Roxy is so thrilled that she's drinking straight from the bottle. Do you, girl!

    #RichKids 103 Recap
    #RichKids 103 Recap

    After a short two-hour plane ride, the gang arrives in Mexico and Morgan is put in an even better mood when she gets the Givenchy bag she's wanted for so long. Yes, Brendan found the green one!

    The good vibes continue as the group heads to the pool for some tanning, drinking and serious shaking.

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    #RichKids 103 Recap

    A champagne dance even breaks out in the middle of the patio. "OKAY there goes my blowout," Dorothy shouts. Oh, guess we're done with that fun.

    The mood quickly turns, however, when Dorothy, her friend Cooper and EJ Johnson arrive an hour late for dinner.

    #RichKids 103 Recap

    "Princess Diana was not with us on this trip so everyone should have been on time," Morgan says.

    It gets worse when Dorothy and Roxy can't stop texting! Brendan orders all phones to be put in the middle of the table…or else!

    "I understand that it's their anniversary but it's 2013 and we're all quite popular," EJ says. 

    With the help of several shots of tequila, the entire dinner isn't completely ruined.

    #RichKids 103 Recap

    The group somehow apologizes for texting, shouting, being late and all other bad Cabo decisions.

    But as Morgan says, we're not in the clear just yet.

    "There's not enough tequila in Mexico to make everybody get along."

    The Cabo drama continues in an all-new #RichKids of Beverly Hills Sunday night at 10/9c only on E!

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