KKTM 511

Could Kourtney Kardashian end up carrying Khloe Kardashian Odom's baby? If Kourtney has her way, then yes!

This week's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami showed us just how far Kourtney is willing to go to make her sister happy: she offered to be a surrogate for Khloe and Lamar Odom if they needed her to.

We also learned just how far Kim Kardashian is willing to go when she starts playing detective, and how Kourtney really feels about Scott Disick's partying.


Kourtney Really Loves Being Pregnant: When Kourtney overhears the fertility struggles that Khloe is going through, she's surprised to learn how serious it might be. So she suggests an idea to Scott: what if she was Kourtney's surrogate?

At first, Scott thinks the idea is just plain weird. "You don't just go putting babies in other sisters because you can!" he exclaims. But when he hears about Lamar's tragic past the loss of his son, Jayden, Scott does a 180 and encourages Kourt to offer her services as surrogate.

Khloe just laughs off Kourtney's very serious proposal though, saying "I'm just not there yet." She's going to stick to her treatment for now, she explains. But don't think the gesture wasn't appreciated, Kourt!

There's Still Some Wild Scott Left: We've seen a calmer, more responsible Scott for most of this season, but his partying ways started to come back a bit this week. Kourtney's worries come back as well, and when she sees that Scott is still drunk the morning after a night of partying in Vegas, she decides to draw the line: "This is not the behavior of someone that I want in my home."

Kim Snoops Again: Kourtney isn't the only one worried about Scott's behavior; Kim gets back into her investigative ways when she sees how Scott is acting. She even goes so far as to hire her P.I. friend Jake to tail Scott and put a tracker on his car! As the episode ends, we see Jake hand Kim a mysterious envelope with some kind of incriminating evidence. What could it be?


"I feel like your mom would be like 'Let's do this the old fashioned way, tell Kanye to come on over'"—Scott

"If Khloe needed a kidney, would you give her your kidney?"—Kim

"I love being pregnant...with my own children"—Kourtney

"You don't just go putting babies in other sisters because you can!"—Scott

"Can you imagine Kourtney having Khloe and Lamar's baby? It'd be taller than her"—Kim

"He's got you, that's his up"—Scott

"I will be that oven for her bun"—Kourtney

"I think it's sweet that Kourtney offered to have my incredibly large baby"—Khloe

Tune in next Sunday at 9/8c to see the exciting season finale of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, only on E!

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