Khloe Kardashian Odom, Lamar Odom

Wonderful Pistachios/Susan Goldman

After last week's hiatus, a brand new episode of Khloé & Lamar aired last night. Ooh la la! It was appropriately titled, "Cuffed," because we got to watch Lamar use handcuffs on Khloé...Sounds kinda fun, right? Although, instead of getting a li'l somethin'-somethin', Lamar used the ‘cuffs as more of a punishment (what a meanie, Lam!).

He pulled out the lock and key after Khloé embarrassed him on a photo shoot— repeatedly calling producers to make sure he was being fed. The NBA all-star decided he had had enough of being babied, and took drastic measures to give Khloé a taste of her own medicine. "You played silly games with me, so I'm gonna play silly games with you," he explained, as he handcuffed Khloé to his side. "You need to learn your lesson."

Meanwhile, Rob was off pursuing his latest career: Socks! A dream that he kept mostly to himself after Khloé expressed skepticism over the young'uns latest venture: "First the DJing, then BG5, skin care products, and now socks," she said. "I just hope he's going to follow through." Follow through he did! After a pep talk from his pal Nick Bijan, Rob decided to put together a portfolio of his designs. But to have a portfolio you need photos...Enter Malika! The BFF/gal-pal/whatever volunteered to play model for-a-day and posed in Rob's socks—and not much else! The modeling paid off, and when Rob showed Khloé images of his product, she was finally won over. "I truly think that this sock line is going to be a huge success."

The other success in this episode? Lamar's strategy to teach Khloé a lesson. Even though he was being a pain-in-the-tuchas, she played along and stayed cuffed to her man all day—in spite of struggling to maneuver through work emails, calls, and even a business dinner for their fragrance, Unbreakable. "I take pride in letting my man be my man," Khloé said after the experience. And, as Lamar explained, "Sometimes you gotta show your highly organized, control-loving wife who's the man of the house." We all know that's Khloé Lamar.

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