Kim Kardashian really had us worried for a minute!

On this week's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we saw Kim rush to the doctor when she started experiencing abdominal pain during her pregnancy. With her divorce still pending and her job still keeping her busy, Kim's family wondered if stress was causing problems.

"I can never do this again," Kim said through tears. "It hurts so badly."

The first visit revealed, thankfully, that the baby was just fine. Kris Jenner, who was in the room with Kim, was relieved. "Turn that volume all the way up," Kris said of the ultrasound. "I want to hear that baby's heartbeat going strong."

However, Kim's doctor feared that appendicitis might be the issue. With more tests and lots of rest, though, it turned out that Kim's appendix was just fine, and a stomach infection was the source of all the pain.

Bonus: Kim even got Kourtney Kardashian to be nice to her and give her a massage!

Meanwhile, the Jenner house was a house divided when Bruce Jenner decided he wanted to keep a gun in the house in order to protect his family. Kris and Kylie Jenner hated the idea, but Kendall Jenner was on her dad's side.

Ultimately, after safety training, the purchase of a gun safe, and an agreement that Kris and Kylie would never have to even see the gun, the family found a happy medium.

Now let's just hope they don't get swatted again, or Bruce might want to buy a tank!


"This is so much fun, watching you guys eat the food"—Rob Kardashian

"Let me tell ya hon, the days of laying in bed and watching movies is coming to an end"—Kourtney

"Who keeps anal beads in the stove?"—Scott Disick

"I'm gonna make a tape"—Brandon Jenner

"I'm chillin! I'm straight cruisin!"—Kylie

"The two of you can play G.I. Joe all by yourselves"—Kris

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