With Coco considering freezing her eggs on Sunday's episode of Ice Loves Coco, there were naturally a few pretty interesting conversations that arose. By the end of the episode, we had Ice-T considering a scheme to clone Coco and sell the clones online.

The questionable legality of that plan aside, our favorite couple had a few other ideas. Namely, Coco wants to freeze Ice (get it?) when he dies, but Ice is having none of it.

"We could all come back as a family, as a futuristic family," Coco explains. "Oh s--t, you've lost it," Ice responds.

"If I go before you do, just bury my ass someplace," he adds. 

But lest you think that Ice is being completely level-headed and pragmatic here, he does have his own plan to live on after death: "I can't come back as a zombie if you burn me," he explains. "So I at least need to be able to come back as a zombie, if zombie s--t jumps off."

See? He thinks of everything.

Check out the clip above, and be sure to catch an all-new episode of Ice Loves Coco this Sunday, November 18 at 10/9c, only on E!

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