NOV. 27, 8PM
Rita Ora

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

If McDonald's dressed all their employees like Rita Ora, they'd be able to sell more than just the world's most addictive french fries. Imagine whole sections of the fast food joint with displays of gold arch accessories like the "R.I.P." singer's Moschino version? What Happy Meal lover wouldn't eat that up?!

Though, the Big Mac makers could just as easily buy an airline and dress all the flight attendants to match the edgy British dresser. That would finally be some in-flight food we could get behind.

But what about this look as every day wear? Is it too crazy to be anything but tongue in cheek couture, or does the color combo and cut actually work?

Minus the belt, there's something fun about the business-meets-the-circus style. The bold colors pop and the vintage tie at the blouse neckline is a lovely touch. Plus, would we even know it was a Ronald McDonald moment if not for that accessory? Yes, we've been on one too many road trips requiring a 6-piece chicken nugget stop to think of yellow and red as anything else.

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