Nicole Kidman, Emma Watson

John Shearer/Invision for The Weinstein Company/AP Images/Ray Tamarra/WireImage

Is there anything more chic than a woman in a perfectly tailored man's suit? We say no, and Nicole Kidman and Emma Watson appear to agree.

The Railway Man star and the Noah actress stun with two slightly askew versions of the same black tie attire. So which works best? The Aussie beauty's cape cut and bow-tied top or the British icon's simple, Saint Laurent approach?

There's an almost Houdini haute couture vibe about the Stoker star's winged jacketlike we wouldn't be surprised if she whipped it off and used it to reveal a rabbit. And yet the overall look is also more interesting than the Bling Ring star's more basic combo.

But shouldn't the measure of excellent menswear be fit and not drama? We say yes, and in that case, there's no doubt that Emma comes out on top. Do you agree?

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Who wears her men's suiting better?
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