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Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union


Gabrielle Union picked the right bra to wear with her flash-potential fashion. When we first saw this shot of the Being Mary Jane star, we thought the peeping lingerie was part of her look! Bold choice for an engagement party, we thought, but it was in Miami and she is a super-hot bride-to-be.

Then we saw a picture of the Think Like a Man Too star in her intended ensemble. That left tata showcase was obviously not intentional but it could have been way worse.

Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union

Here is the gorgeous duo in Gabrielle's fully-covered look. The neckline is already plunging - risky move #1 - and the blousy, buttoned top offers plenty of room for an inconvenient fabric slide - risky move #2.

But is the slip that bad given how sexy the lace bra looks? She's a taken lady! Why not show all the men of Miami (and the Internet) what the Heat hottie won, especially given the sophistication in the rest of the combo? That painted white skirt is such a fun look for a young, modern fiancée. 

We say rest easy, Gabby. This fashion fail is easy to forgive.