Rita Ora


We know Rita Ora is just wearing a costume for a music video shoot, but this look is giving us an odd combo of the creeps and inspiration to hit the gym!

That Barbie pink bodysuit is a total Muscle Beach uniform. The "I Will Never Let You Down" singer looks prepped to pump some iron then jazzercise it out for extra cardio. But something about the slick, plastic jacket is very American Psycho. Maybe we've been watching way too many horror films, but isn't a raincoat exactly what a clever killer wears?

There's no denying that the "How We Do" singer's body looks slammin' in this bright-colored combo, but in addition to the workout queen vs. killer thing, it's still a total oxymoron outfit! If it's hot and sunny enough for a bathing suit style, then why do you need a raincoat?

We can only assume the answer lies in the song lyrics. And if this talented Brit can work exercise, serial killers, beach days and rain into a single song, we'll be even bigger fans.

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