Cara Delevingne

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Sometimes it's hard to decide if a look is too purposefully disheveled for its own good.

Take Cara Delevingne in this long black creation. On the one hand, it looks like a giant kimono with a gaping hole in the front. But on the other hand, it's sort of a gorgeously slouchy goth gown.

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Does the potential fail have something to do with fit? A smaller version of this dress would fit the British beauty much better and look less like what she wears before or after a bath. But that turns this flowy design into a simple wrap dress, which is too boring for the edgy jet-setter.

So, yes, this style makes Cara look like she doesn't give a damn, but isn't that part of the mystique of being a model? Our call: gorgeous with a little bit of goth. What's your say?

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