Heather Graham

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

We can't decide if Heather Graham's look is insane or ingenious, but we know one thing for sure: that is a super sexy dress covered by a bonafide Bill Cosby sweater.

It's hard to see the actual '80s pattern, but those are geometric shapes in a bold color that only TV's Cliff Huxtable could pull off. Yes, his would be a crew neck fit over his adorable dad belly, but the style is exactly the same. Only, the famous puddin' salesman never wore it with a red leather mini that's quintessential streetwalker garb.

Harsh but true, Heather looks like she grabbed this cardi out of a dumpster to cover up while working on the cold city streets! We can understand the need for a little sweater on a chilly winter night, but the goal is to match that outerwear to the look underneath. It feels like 85-year-old Heather picked the sweater and 16-year-old Heather picked the dress.

If The Cosby Show king is reading, we're sorry to bring you into this mess. And if Heather Graham is reading, we have a feeling the goal was hipster biker chic, but please know that is not now and will hopefully never be a thing.

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