Anna Dello Russo

Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images

In fairness, Anna Dello Russo is wearing the universal symbol of "party"the coned birthday hat, and she is attending a festive event. But we can't say that we've ever seen a person over the age of five rock this look outside of their backyard bash, and now we know why.

Not only is this headwear ridiculous on a red carpet, but the Piers Atkinson dunce design is totally over-the-top with that giant orange pom-pom. We know that the Vogue Japan editor-in-chief loves a hat, but this crosses the line from avant garde accessory to tacky party favor.

We're particularly bummed about this hat situation because the rest of the style is incredibly chic. The black and taxi-cab yellow Michael Kors combo defines Anna's style perfectly: classic with a bit of crazy. When Kerry Washington first wore this look to the MTV Movie Awards, we were equally impressed. This version is even wilder thanks to the multi-colored shoes, but even those work. So does the entire ensemble fall apart because of that ridiculous hat?

Yes. As far as we're concerned, it does. What's your take?

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What's your take on Anna's crazy topper?
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