Rita Ora

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

We hate to be sticklers for something as simple as shoe, but in this case Rita Ora has committed and official fashion offense. The shoes don't always make the look but they can certainly break it.

The "How We Do" singer has really turned things around in the style department as of late. She went from shower curtain skirts and oversized T-shirt dresses to gorgeous column gowns like this Vivienne Westwood stunner first worn by Diane Kruger for the 2012 Cannes Festival, but apparently her feet haven't caught up with her body.

These chunky, black round-toed pumps are way too much for the delicate silvery fabric. A dress like this calls for a simple sandal that barely peeps out from the hemline not a massive shape that instantly catches the eye. And to make matters worse, the shoes are suede, which makes them clash with pop star's look even more.

And, in what might be a Fashion Police first, Rita already proved us right by changing out of this option and into a simpler silver look for her second red carpet appearance of the night. We've never felt so vindicated.

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