Charlize Theron

Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Variety

We realize Charlize Theron would look hot in a burlap bag with a hole cut in it, so it's no surprise that she's scalding in this simple t-shirt style. There's just something about a white mini made of a man's undershirt...

This Stella McCartney design is far more chic than a cleverly cut Hanes, but it still has that relaxed feel that you get from slipping into an oversized sleep shirt...with perfect pumps, gorgeous make-up and a super chic clutch.

Of course the coolest part of this look is the fact that Charlize is rocking a small, white bandage around her neck that fits seamlessly into the style! We didn't notice it until reading about her recent neck surgery. So apparently turning band-aids into peep-hole necklines is just another one of her endless skills.

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, she's wearing this perfect little number while accepting an award for her work as a vocal advocate for HIV/AIDS research and awareness in Africa. The rest of us should probably just retire as human beings.

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