Michelle Obama, Highlights


We're a little afraid that the secret service of style is going to come after us for even suggesting that Michelle Obama made a wrong clothing call...

That said, we were surprised by the First Lady's flirty, mixed-floral dress. The Duro Olowu design is wilder than what she usually wears, especially for a public speech. Maybe Washington's favorite style icon is celebrating the end of summer with a bang of color? Or perhaps Sasha and Malia picked this one out of the closet?

We'll admit that the more we look at all those flowers, the more we like this newly bold look on FLOTUS. The bright orange and green really pop against her skin, and it's fun to see her in something other than a traditional cocktail dress.

So either our minds have been changed or all the patterns made us too dizzy to really decide. Either way, we say "yay." What's your take?

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A Fashion Police August 30 Post
Do you approve of the First Lady's all-over floral?
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