MTV Video Music Awards, Selena Gomez

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

We want to start by commending Selena Gomez on looking far classier than most of her counterparts. This Atelier Versace frock could be shorter, tackier, andif Katy Perry's costume is any indicationway more leopard covered.

But it's still very sexy for the Spring Breakers star. The side slit unzips all the way to her right bum cheek, and the top zip reveals a Madonna-in-the-'80s-style bra. Yes, the navy blue shade keeps it somewhat sophisticated, but is this still too much for the former Disney star?

Since we're the Fashion Police not the morality police, we'll comment on look alone.

There's something about this peek-a-boo design that we love. It's almost like a '1950s screen siren left the dressing room slightly undressed. The details throughout the dress are incredibly simple leaving the structured skin reveal to do all the work. 

And as far as we're concerned, it's working. What's your say?

Tune-in to a special, all-new Fashion Police VMAs edition TONIGHT at 9/8c to get a full rundown of last night's looks!

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What do you say to Selena's sexy style?
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