Amy Poehler

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

We get it. Amy Poehler is a busy actress, writer and mom who doesn't have time for mid-day costume changes.

So instead of getting dressed for her morning meetings then changing into a casual, afternoon-at-the-pool look, the Saturday Night Live alum combined the two! The only problem is that it appears she added a movie premiere into the already crazy day of events...

We're not so snobbish to suggests that shorts can't work on a red carpet walk, but paired with this formal-feeling button down, they're way less "casual chic" and way more confusing choice... We've got to assume that the Louie guest star is either sweating on top or freezing on the bottom!

Sorry Amy, but we suggest a quick change in the cab versus attempting to kill too many fashion birds with two few stones.

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