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Word to the wisedon't dress like a joker if you can't take a joke...

Ashanti's court-kidder style looks like it belongs on a pack of cards, not a red carpet. Not only is the black-and-white pattern exactly what a jester would wear, but she's covered in it! Even a sleeveless or strapless version of this look on the Army Wives star would be a welcome adjustment.

Maybe this long-sleeved look reminded the R&B singer of a chic kitchen floor? There is something '50s diner-inspired about the contrasting colors. 

But tile design style isn't much of a step up from court jester costume in our bookor in any book for that matter. Sadly, we have to give this a resounding, "make it stop!"

What's your say?

A Fashion Police July 11 Poll
What's your call on Ashanti's court jester style?
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