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    Rihanna's Guide to Throwing a High-Fashion, Rich-Person Party on a Plane

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    By now the whole world knows that Rihanna is topless and on a world tour. Congrats to her on both achievements.

    Ri-Ri also has other talents, if you must know, besides toplessness and singing nicely. Little known fact: Like Kate Middleton's sister Pippa Middleton, Rihanna is a world renown hostess and party planner who can throw a bash just about anywhere and call it a roaring success.

    Rihanna's latest bash took place at TK-000 feet, en route to the first stop on her 777 Tour. She's even posted a handy online guide in case you, too, feel like hopping on board your own private jet and hosting a little shindig for your closest mogul friends.

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    Wear as much metal as possible: You're famous and you're rich. It's not like you have to stand in line and pass through one of those rectangular doorway things that ordinary folks are always walking through at the airport. You know, the ones that beep. What are those things anyway? Maybe your assistant knows.

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    Supply party favors for guests: Photos of yourself, mainly.

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    Get on the P.A. system: Tell everyone to turn off their electronic devices. Hee! Just kidding! Everybody take pictures!

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    Sit in the pilot's chair: If the plane goes down, you can always use the jet pack you just bought from Jay-Z.

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    Serve some champagne: That way everyone can make a you.

    Ri-Ri looks good on the ground, too