Christina Hendricks, Geoffrey Arend


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We don't hate Christina Hendricks' long-sleeved vintage dress at the The Pikey last night in Hollywood.

We especially don't hate that she gave each limb an accessory to cling to—the right, a turquoise clutch, the left, her hubby Geoffrey Arend.

It's just her smirk that has us laughing, really. It says, "Joan isn't just a pretend character, I am a sex kitten, bitches. I totally called my Mad Men stylist and asked her to dress me, so I wouldn't feel so frumpy and lumpy, and now you're all totally peanut butter and jelly. Right? Am I right?!"

Yes, Christina, you're right—so wipe that sassy smirk off your face. Or keep it. We aren't really staring at your mouth in a dress like that, anyway.

Unless we're totally off, in which case—what do you think? Is this a gotta have it or make it stop?

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Do you love or hate Christina's form-fitting dress?
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