Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga; Twitter

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Usually, when a girl copies a frenemy's style, it's because the frenemy has something to envy—better nose, more men, sleeker hair. As far as we know, Demi Lovato doesn't covet any of those things from Lady Gaga.

And yet here's a fresh photo of the X Factor judge, eyebrows honed like a pair of scythes, hair bleached in the exact same shade of Mother-Monster fabulous, lips etched with laser precision.

It's like Lovato wished she had her own feud going with PETA—or maybe she has her eye on Gaga's nearly 30 million Twitter followers? That's totally important, you guys.

Other than that, we have no idea why Lovato would post a picture of herself on Twitter masquerading as Gaga when she's got her own fabulous self to embody.

Or...oooh, conspiracy theory: Maybe it's actually Gaga who's been masquerading as Lovato this whole time. Now that would be a masterful Mother Monster performance.

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